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The Threshold Collective understands that each person is uniquely loved and the way we celebrate, honor and love them is deeply personal


Our packages will ensure you won't forget their voice or their laughter.

Personalised Funerals​

Our funerals are personal and consistently demonstrate beauty, honour and respect.

Creative Consultations​

Think of it as 'roadside assist'.  We provide the jumper leads that will get you on your way.  It is nice to have help occasionally

Story Collection

The stories of your life and those of past generations can hold depths of comfort, understanding and insight for the future.

Counselling & Spiritual Support​

Our Counselor or our Spiritual Director can help you navigate grief, loss and the harder conversations in the dying journey

Commissioned Artworks

Your own high end artisan will produce a unique and personal creation for you

Making Together Workshops

It's great to 'do something' together, when we journey grief so differently.

This is an Ideal option for children and young people.


Specializing in end of life portraits.

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