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If you want to always remember the sound of their laughter

our packages can help you ensure it happens....


We often hear the words, "I cant remember the sound of their voice."    Our video packages capture the spirit, life force, and energy with dignity, creating a beautiful and lasting record of their hopes, reasons, dreams and values.  

These are ideal tributes for everyone, especially young children and grandchildren.  Whilst books are beautiful keepsakes, a film can keep a persons laughter, spirit, and soul alive in our memories for a long time.  When hearing the laughter, dignity, and passion along with the stories, the experience is profoundly personal.  Our team will help you refine the  stories, putting them together in a way that suits your personality and intentions.  We work with you in preparing your content and we come to you, ensuring the experience is as safe, comfortable and relaxed as possible. 


1. Enduring Video

The focus is on capturing messages from the heart spoken directly to camera.  It might include personal reflections, promises, life wisdom, hopes and blessings of love for friends and family. 


2. Heritage Video

The goal is to capture a few of the stories that made you who you are.  You might chose to share a memory, a story, a life choice that changed your path, or a core value that you hope your family will continue to pass on to future generations.  


3.  Combination Video

This package is a combination of package 1 & 2, both direct to camera messages as well as a selection of stories to pass onto future generations about their own heritage.

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