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Our Story Collection service is about gathering the stories, values, memories and moments that shape a persons life.  


There are times when you know what you want and need to share but you feel a little daunted by where to start or how best to communicate your stories.   We will help create ways to plumb the depths of your memory and remember the colors, shapes, feelings, and adventures of your youth, travels, life experiences and life wisdom.  Together we will take the time to explore what you want to pass on to future generations about those gone before.  This service is all about capturing living memories so they can continue when we can not.  The stories of your life and those of past generations can hold depths of comfort, understanding and insight for the future.  We will help you collect and communicate them to loved ones. 


Our story interviewer listens with fresh ears and sees with new eyes.  

This is a deeply valuable gift for both the individual and their family because we help you treasure the stories before they are forever gone. 


What you do with the collection is your choice.  You may decide to store them away or have us create a book, voice recording, film, or artwork....

but that is another story

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