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I don't need someone to do it for or with me.... 


The Threshold Collective understands the deeply personal nature of life and death.  We have also found that there are times when you might just need a listening ear, a few good questions to help get your vision back on track.  


Creative Consultations are for those who know what they want, but are not sure what the next step is or have hit some unforseen challenge and need a bit of help.  

 Think of it as a kind of 'roadside assist'.  You are driving the car, you park for a while and when you return the battery is flat.  We provide the jumper leads and a charged engine that will help you get on your way.  It is kind of nice to get a bit of help occasionally.

We help you plan and bring the elements of your project together.


This is a great resource for the times you are feeling overwhelmed by the task or by the emotional journey that accompanies it.  

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