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The art of listening deeply offers you the time and space to be heard.  


This is helpful for all who are walking the end of life journey with a loved one or for themselves.  We recognise specific concerns are unique to each individual and situation, however the process of letting go, and having a healthy grief journey is important.  


For many of us death is familiar, for others it is a mystery, or a taboo topic.  

We offer help for you to understand and walk in the complexity of grief, dealing with anger and other emotions, or family concerns that demand our attention.  Talking with a skilled listener can be helpful in these times.


You may need some time and space to speak all that is needed in order to move through the end of life journey.  Talking to someone can help whether you are a family member, a friend, or the one who is dying. 


Both our Counselor and our Spiritual Director are skilled, qualified and have extensive experience. They can help you navigate grief, loss, and the inner conversations of the dying journey.

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