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Wes Leake
CEO Business Builder. People Coach

You cannot go wrong with Threshold Collective.  Saying goodbye to loved ones is never an easy task to do.  It is a time when you do not want anything left unsaid or relationships not repaired.  Your desire is to pass from this life to the next in peace, plus you want to be able to celebrate well the life that you have lived and the precious relationships you have.  The Threshold Collective provides an answer.  They are not just about celebrating your life but about getting the support and encouragement you and your family need at a difficult time.  From people who have been there and done that. Not only taking care of the practical issues but more importantly the spiritual and relationship ones as well.  I highly recommend the whole team.


Joel McKerrow

Poet. Performer. Educator. Artist Ambassador for TEAR Australia

MarDee Kaylock (CEO) never just hears what you have to say. She is one of those people who knows how to truly sit with someone. To hold space. To listen to the words and to listen to that which isn’t spoken, moreover to listen to the whisper that lies beneath it all. She is able to listen, but it doesn’t just stop there. She then takes the deep yearnings heard and reflects it back to the speaker that they may see themselves and the world in a different way. She does this for individuals. She does this for communities. She does this for creatives. She does this for the grieving. She builds a nest and the people come and they find rest and they find a momma who deeply cares for them. This, this is Momma Dee.

And how do I know this – I have sat in that nest many a time over the last ten years.

Roma Waterman

Award Winning Songwriter, Speaker, Author

MarDee's interest is not solely about running a business, she is interested in creating ways of healing for people. The way she talks with a friend, listens, encourages, waits and rejoices with them is also the way she approaches her professional world.  As a friend, I have been impacted personally by her timely words, thoughtful responses, and needed laughter.  As a business associate, I have also been profoundly impacted. MarDee is professional, intelligent, efficient and yet kind, understanding, gracious and deeply knowing when to take needed time with people.  This is why I love "Mama Dee" - she is a true motherheart in every sense of the word which is why her creative endeavors are always such a success, they resonate deeply. I have no hesitation in recommending her or her team to you.

Andrew Palmer 

Founder/Director The Beyond Festival Australia

I've watched MarDee from a distance and I've taken in the scope of what she can do:

She is an outstanding curator with a deep understanding of aesthetics, mood, process and the integration of art and experience.   I've also worked with her close up as a leader.

She is sensitive, caring, creative, joy-filled and profoundly personal. She listens. She responds with head and heart.

She sees beauty and dignity in all persons. In a word, she is 'genuine'.

Di Hocking

Senior Associate Pastor YVVCF

During significant “life-moments”, have you noticed how we seek out people

who are qualified in their field?  We look for ones who have the experience, expertise, courage and sensitivity to be entrusted with such “life-moments”.

In many contexts MarDee has a profound effectiveness for stepping into significant “life-moments” with people.  She has developed a huge capacity in facilitating with a hopeful and understanding heart and I have seen the impact of her expertise.  MarDee has worked in different sectors in the community including the arts, education, counseling, spiritual direction and transformation, and offers incredible expertise from a wide variety of perspectives.  She has successfully facilitated opportunities for individuals, for families, for groups and communities to create memorable “life-moments”.

I know MarDee is able to navigate complex situations, and assist in bringing the best out

of all that is before her.  She is uniquely skilled in opening the way for celebration in ways that will leave long-lasting memories with all who participate. Next time you are aware of a significant ‘life-moment”, consider how you might discover the quality of input, direction,

creativity and joy released through MarDee and this teams unique and powerful work.

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